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The Rostov Region Governor about investment advantages of the Region Press source: Don Magazine

The premier issue of the Don Magazine (December, 2013) contains an interview with Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev who has therein expressed his opinion on investment advantages and creation of a comfortable investment climate in the region.
‘The key matter we’re looking into is what sort of assistance we can provide to the investor for his project to be implemented in the Rostov Region as early as possible and at minimum costs.’
‘I believe, before anything else, serious investors look at reputation and record of the large-scale investment projects already located in the region.’
‘When attracting investors from all around the world, we’re trying to look at the projects implementation possibilities in the region from their point of view. And eventually we find best construction sites and conditions for purposes of a particular industry and a certain plant or factory specified. We need more than new or modernized plants, we need them to be successfully running.’
‘By no means can we put up a plant that will turn into a sleeping beauty in this area and lose ground to competitors due to its ill-fated location.’
‘It may safely be said that the International Sugar Corporation together with European sugar market leader French company SUCDEN have chosen perfect, from a raw material supply standpoint, site for the First Donskoy Sugar Plant construction. The Rostov Region south and Tselinsky district in particular are the areas where sugar beet grows best, compared to the adjoining districts, and this beet makes about 55% of sugar production cost.’
‘From now on we will be helping the plant with infrastructure. To be more precise, we will be helping local residents with infrastructure by using the plant construction as a good motive to bring back to life other Soviet yet incomplete project of central water supply system in the Tselina village.

The Rostov Region Governor about investment advantages of the Region