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The construction of a sugar plant is a strategic task of the region Press source: Agroinvestor

Agroinvestor magazine has published a detailed review of the agro-industrial complex of the Rostov region based on the results of its work in 2020. According to this review, the Rostov region is a leader in grain and agricultural export. The regional government considers the fisheries complex, deep processing of agricultural products, gardening to be priority sectors in terms of investments, and sets a separate strategic task for the construction of a sugar factory, due to the absence of operating sugar processing enterprises in the Rostov region.
The First Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region, Viktor Goncharov, told Agroinvestor about the implemented and planned investments and the investment climate of the region. Among the projects at the design and preparatory stage, our project for the construction of a sugar plant in the Tselinsky district is listed.
"- The Rostov region has a favorable territorial, geopolitical, economic and geographical, transport and logistics position, including for international transit. The status of a transport hub is ensured by the presence of all types of transport infrastructure, including a developed road and railway network, three seaports operating in the mode of year-round navigation (Rostov-on-Don, Azov and Taganrog), the Platov International Airport.
The region is also characterized by relatively favorable natural and climatic conditions for conducting economic activities: a temperate continental climate, a significant share of the total area is occupied by fertile soils suitable for agricultural work. The region has a powerful research base and a developed multi-level network of educational organizations. " (Source: Agroinvestor)
"- We certainly pay special attention to state support of investment activities in the field of agriculture. Thus, the package of measures includes, for example, preferential taxation (among the first regions in the country, an investment tax deduction was introduced in the Rostov region), the provision of subsidies, including engineering, preferential lending, property support (the provision of land plots without bidding), grants.
As part of the assistance to agricultural producers with exports, a number of organizational and information and consulting support measures have been formed. The export support infrastructure is developed, there are such organizations as the Export Support Center, the regional integrated center of the NP "YERTSIR of the Rostov region", a separate division of the Russian Export Center in Rostov-on-Don." (Source: Agroinvestor)
As well-known, the project is in at high degree of readiness and is being implemented jointly with Chinese partners. The plans for its launch in the spring of 2020 were significantly affected by the unexpected outbreak of a new coronavirus infection and its rapid spread, and the restrictions imposed on business travel to both Russia and China in this regard.

The construction of a sugar plant is a strategic task of the region